How I started....

I have always been interested in creating, and all of the different processes that go into creating.  Photography, painting, sandbox video games, jewelry-I love to lose myself in these little tasks for that moment you stand back and take in the finished project.  To admire the uniqueness and the time that went into it.  In middle school I remember using a small tie die dipping toy my parents got me.  You would put a powder in this small plastic bowl of water, add drops of color, swirl, and dip whatever you wanted to create a tye-die piece of art.  I used that on everything, including my nails.  Now there’s a technique to do that regularly on your fingernails, but when I was younger that was something that stood out for just me–that expressed me.  Now that I’m older I realize that on some level we all crave those things that makes us stand out.  There are so many beautiful people that have adorned themselves with colors and jewelry that are completely unique.  I think that’s amazing and I there’s honor when you find those things that make you proud but that are also peaceful.  Too many people try to extend their individuality at the expense of others.  So, I decided to help in the small outlet of jewelry.  Seems silly, but so was a content girl with tye-died nails in middle school.

So now to how I got started in mostly resin as a medium.  I wanted to make mother’s day wind chimes with beads and pictures.  At some point in my research I came across resin and I was hooked.  I could put anything I wanted in this resin?  Why have I never heard of this before?  That started a many month learning process on how to mix and use resin.  There were many stressful evenings, but I think resin and I have finally come to a solid relationship.  Once I conquered my first project of doming on laminated pictures, I expanded my knowledge into using molds.  I started at simple pendants, then moved to earrings, then ear plugs.  I now make my own molds to fit whatever size or need I may have, and it’s awesome.  Most of my interest is drawn to encasing flowers in my resin pieces, and I find myself grabbing random wild flower bunches in my travels.  Now, I’m the silly woman picking wild flowers to hoard.

I started up my etsy store in the middle of 2016, and the response to my ear plugs has been heartwarming. <3 At the moment most of my works are ear plugs, but I have plans to touch back on more pendants and expand to rings and bracelets.  I have played with the idea of maybe offering some stock tunnels and plugs, so that may be on the horizon as well.  I started this website in hopes of doing that and possibly getting more one of a kind listings.  I have begun practicing on creating dangle ear plugs, and I would love to incorporate some vintage earrings that I only only have one pair of to offer as listings.  It’s a long process, but I can’t wait to see how much further I can take my ideas.

Thank you, for checking out my website, reading this about me, and hopefully finding something that expresses you.




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